LD International

LD International was founded in 1984 by Steve and Brian Azeff with a mission to produce well designed and constructed dresses with a  medium to high price point. Realizing that their strength lay in fashion merchandising and design, the company owner managers organized the company to directly control the key areas of the manufacturing cycle such as design and quality control while contracting out all functions that could not be economically performed in-house. This focused approach has permitted the company to properly control costs and limit overhead expenditures.


Realizing that the company could not compete as a domestic manufacture, in 2004 The Azeff’s moved the company’s production to China. Using the same formula that worked for 20 years as a domestic manufacture the company now strived to identify niches they could exploit profitably while protecting themselves from larger competitors. In 2015 the company made the bold move to merge with Herovast Shanghai with an eye towards expansion. With the merger the company now is proudly producing 4 brands of ladies wear targeting all markets and has a projected growth rate of 30% per year.


As part of its expansion plan, LD is now launching a new line which will allow the firm to expand using its power with China and to target a somewhat different market than its traditional one.


LD company has successfully increased sales, broadened its client base and penetrated the US market over the past few years. This success can be attributed to the following:

  • An ability to better service its customers
  • A successful shift into new markets
  • Perceived as a stylish import item
  • Superior sales and distribution


LD company sales all through Canada and the United States, with showrooms in Montreal,Toronto, Vancouver and New York city. LD company also displays at most major trade shows in North America including Montreal, Toronto, Calgary ,Vancouver, Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas and Las Vegas